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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.The proverb manifests an important truth of life. If you do not take time off from work, your life will become dull and boring. It is necessary to cultivate a hobby to de-stress yourself. Also, it is essential to spend some time with your friends and family because it is not good to work all the time.

14 Mar 20

With the fast approaching school vacation and holiday season, everyone seems busy planning everything like parties, picnics, get-together and other activities. It is also a fact that parents seldom have time to have some bonding moments with their children due to the hectic and frantic schedules they have at work.

23 May 20

Beach Toy Necessities for All Ages - My kids are always ready for a day at the beach. The beach bag with our toys has a designated spot in the garage and it's loaded first by my teenager.

11 Jun 20

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29 Sep 20
Take any child who has been actively playing for an hour or two and you will see the true meaning of exhaustion. Playing is a form of exercise. Typical play involves running around, climbing on things, riding a bike, stomping in mud puddles, or chasing a pet. Yet, how many children who do spend an hour or two actively playing are pictures of health, both mentally and physically.
15 Nov 20
In today's over-complicated, over technical world, we tend to forget about the simple pleasures in life like kite flying as we tap away at our keyboards, rushing to meet the next deadline.
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07 Nov 20
You don't need to worry about it if your family happens to be a little low on vacation funds this year. Just because you cannot afford an expensive vacation does not mean you can't still have fun as a family. Sometimes, simple vacations can actually be even more fun than pricey ones.
21 Nov 20
With regards to taking vacations, do not limit yourself by getting it into your head that going for a week or two is your only choice; even taking a quick weekend can be quite fun for the whole family. If you are looking for a small getaway from your humdrum everyday life, simply take a weekend to vacation with your family.
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