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July 19, 2020
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Playing Bean Bag Tailgate Toss And Other Fun Tailgating Games

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Bean bag tailgate toss game is an addictive game and a great addition to any tailgating party that all of your guests will enjoy playing. Tailgate toss is one of the most popular tailgating games and is based on the traditional bean bag game known as "Cornhole" which is easy to learn and simple to play. In this article you will learn the basic rules to the Tailgating bean bag game as well as some other fun tailgating party games that will ensure the fun of all of your guests at your next tailgate party.

How to Play Bean Bag Tailgate Toss

The tailgate toss compact game set comes with two boards that are slanted when they are set up and have a round hole at one end and two sets of colored bean bags. There are many different designs or sports themes you can choose from when selecting your game set including baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and golf. The game can be played by two individuals competing against each other or in teams with two players on each team. The boards are set up approximately twenty seven feet apart or can be adjusted according to the manufacturer's game instructions or to the preference of the players. Each player or team takes a set of the colored bean bags and the play begins with one player from each team standing next to the same board and alternating turns throwing their bags towards the opposite board.

When all of the bags have been thrown, three points are awarded to every player or team for each bean bag that falls through the hole and one point is awarded for every bag that stays on the board. However, the points earned can be canceled out by another opponent if they make the same score. For example, if a player gets one bag in the hole and one on the board and his opponent gets a bag in the hole but no other bags in the hole or on the board, the three points are canceled and only one point is awarded to the player whose bag is on the board. The bean bag game play continues until one player or team reaches a score of twenty one points which can be set to a lower amount such as eleven or seven if the players choose to do so before the game begins.

Other Popular Tailgating Games

While the Tailgating bean bag game is one of the most popular tailgating games, there are other fun games that are also popular at tailgate parties. Washer toss is a game that is similar to the tailgate toss game and can be easily made and set up. All you will need is two boxes with a hole cut out of each one that is approximately four inches in diameter. The boxes are set approximately twenty feet apart and six colored washers that are approximately three inches in diameter are split between team members. The game play and scoring can be done the same as it is for Tailgating bean bag game or similar to the game of horseshoes. Other popular tailgating games include ladder ball, finger football, and other traditional lawn games. When planning ahead for your next tailgate party, don't forget to include games such as the Tailgating bean bag game for the enjoyment of all your guests which will make all of your tailgate parties are successful ones.


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