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November 7, 2020
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How to Get Ready for a Fun Vacation in the Park

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You don't need to worry about it if your family happens to be a little low on vacation funds this year. Just because you cannot afford an expensive vacation does not mean you can't still have fun as a family. Sometimes, simple vacations can actually be even more fun than pricey ones. Think back on the fun times you have had in the past, and you may be amazed by how many of those times were simple things that really cost little if any money. After all, the destination is not the most crucial part of a family vacation - the truly important part is simply spending precious time together as a family. Whether you have to forego the traditional family vacation this year because of budget concerns, or you merely are looking for an entertaining way to spend the afternoon, why not think about planning a family vacation day at the park?

Deciding Where to Go

If your community is like most, then there is probably a park located somewhere nearby. There may even be multiple parks near enough to you that it would take very little time to get to them. If you do a bit of research, you'll probably find that different parks in your area provide different features. For instance, one park could have a baseball field, while another has a great picnic spot. Other parks frequently have excellent trails and outdoor walks that everyone will love. Try to locate the park that provides the most of the things your family enjoys having fun with together. Of course, sometimes it is also fun to try something new. After the destination is chosen, then will come the planning.

Making Plans for Your Vacation Day at the Park

Although you can certainly have a good time even if your family makes a spur of the moment choice to go to the park, it can be a lot of fun to do a little planning. Consider all of the sports or games you may want to play at the park, and then do whatever preparation is necessary as far as collecting supplies goes. One example of an inexpensive way to have a good time is to bring your kites to the park if it is a windy day. You might even plan to eat a picnic lunch, and let everyone in your family make something to add to the meal. Be sure to bring along your camera so you can take some photos which you can display in picture frames or a scrapbook when you return home. You should also bring along whatever sports equipment you might have a chance to use, whether it's a baseball and glove, a basketball, or tennis racket if there's a tennis court to play on there. There are even several parks that allow pets, provided that you clean up after your pet and they are kept on a leash.

How to Savor the Memories of Your Family's Day of Vacation

Just because the vacation day included the neighborhood park instead of an exotic destination doesn't mean you will not still want to take lots of photos. Get some snapshots of the pretty scenery, and of your little ones having fun together as a family. You may even want to have enlargements made of some of your photos, putting them in large picture frames to create interesting and inexpensive wall art.

So you see, family vacations don't need to be long or expensive. All that is required is a bit of planning, a place to go, and the desire to have fun!


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