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April 5, 2020
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The Benefits of Dog Toys

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Oh sure, you could say that dogs just want to have fun, but there are other reasons to give your dog safe toys meant just for them. Fun is good, but there is a little more research and objectives that go into the "play" items that the manufacturers produce.Kongs are hard durable, non-toxic rubber and they come in various shapes and sizes. It is recommended you get the size that fits your dog. Kongs allow you to put treats inside them, although you don't have to. You can just play fetch and watch it bounce in unpredictable directions every time it hits the ground. There are other toys that are similar in that they're durable and have hiding spots for treats that make your pooch work for them.Purpose: These play things give the dog an important task... to figure out a way to get the treat out. Just as you feel good when you know you've completed a job well done, you pet is the same way. He feels a sense of accomplishment when he can work to get to that treat lodged into the recesses of the Kong. Not only does it give your dog a sense of purpose, it also keeps him busy. If you have a pup that seems to look for mischief, chances are he's bored and would welcome something to do.A Nylabone is made of durable nylon and comes in different sizes, shapes and flavors. You can get them in the shape of a ring, a bone, or even a dinosaur and many have ridges or knobs on the outside. Purpose: Chewing is part of being a dog, so why not encourage them to chew on something that's not going to get them in trouble? The other good part of chewing on a Nylabone is the textured outside is meant to help keep their teeth clean and control tartar and plaque build-up. Dog tubes, tunnels and tents aren't just for kids; they make an excellent indoor or outdoor playground for your pooch. They're made of nylon and are very lightweight. You can put together your own playground in any configuration by buying the various pieces. They fold flat for easy storage when not in use. Purpose: This playground is very much a training ground. You can train them to go a certain direction or do certain things, and make it as complicated as your pet can handle. You can also throw a ball into it and while practicing commands such as sit, stay, and fetch, they get an important job - find the ball somewhere inside.Not only are these doggie playgrounds fun and perfect for training sessions, they are a great way to burn off excess energy. A tired pup after play will nap instead of find trouble.It's always a good idea to supervise your pet when he's got a toy. Sometimes parts can break off and you don't want those swallowed. At other times the nylon bones can become really rough (if your dog is a strong chewer) and the rough spots can cause gum bleeding. The real reasons for dog toys is they allow them to learn how to do something complicated which keeps their brains active and gives them a purpose. Toys also keep pets agile, busy, happy, and out of trouble. But most of all, they give your dog a chance to interact with their favorite 2-legged person... YOU.


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